Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting offers the perfect solution for those who require a scalable solution, which is also faster and more reliable than shared hosting.

Giving you complete control and unrivalled performance levels.

Run your business applications efficiently and securely with Whoops Tech cloud computing services that give businesses easy.

Cloud solutions to drive digital transformation

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing resources over the internet. It offers cost savings, scalability, high performance, economies of scale, and more. For many companies, a cloud migration is directly related to data and IT modernization.

Our solutions for your business growth

Microsoft Cloud Services

As a longstanding partner of Microsoft, we’re experts in all of the various tools and clouding hosting platforms that can be utilised to enhance your business performance and data protection. We can deploy the following:

Why Choose Us

Choose the right Cloud Hosting plan for your big plans.

Spend less.

Shared Hosting is the most budget-friendly type of hosting. Since you're sharing resources like neighbors in an apartment building, you spend less but have fewer options and less control.

More power.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) server’s capacity and processing to each customer. Like a condo, your space (on the server) is yours.

Maximum power.

Dedicated Server Hosting. The mansion of hosting analogies. You can choose between full root access or managed plans. It’s all up to you.

Explore Hosting options for your site.

Shared-VPS-Dedicated Hosting | Premium hosting service in malaysia johor bahru

Shared Hosting

It's the easiest, most economical way to get your website connected to the Internet

Shared hosting is the most basic and cheapest of the hosting tiers

Virtual Private Server

Whether you’re building one high performance site or an army of them, our plans flex to your needs.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a cross between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server

Whichever you choose, with dedicated hosting it’s all yours. No sharing, no competition, no limits.

A dedicated server is exactly what it sounds like a server dedicated entirely to your website and its needs.

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