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We Provide various choices of Hardware & Software IT Product

Hardware : Desktop | Laptop | Printer | Server | Network Storage | Network connectivity Device | UTM Firewall | UPS |

Whoops Tech Provide wide range IT services & Maintenances in Malaysia & Singapore Such as, IT Consulting, Maintenances, complete range of Wired & Wireless Networking Deployments.

Computer & Laptop & Hardware

it product of Lenovo PC Laptop Workstation johor bahru
it product of Dell Computer Laptop server in malaysia johor bahru
it product of Acer
HP malaysia
it product of Asus in johor bahru
logitech product
UPS malaysia



Network Connectivity | Network Security Device

Software License

Whoops Tech selling various Hardware & Software IT Products and IT services & Maintenances in Malaysia.

Contact us to enquiry others Product or Services.

  • Remove virus, malware or spyware
  • Files Sharing with User Security Permission
  • Format and installation Windows or Apple operating system
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • CCTV implementation
  • Web and Email Hosting Service and Configuration
  • Firewall and VPN Solutions
  • Setup and Configure a reliable  LAN\Wireless network
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