Kaspersky Cloud

The easiest way to protect your business, without sacrificing your IT resources, time, or budget. Try Kaspersky Endpoint security Cloud now.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, offering small and medium sized businesses effortless yet comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats – including cryptors, ransomware and other attacks. We do this without making demands on your time or budget because we know just how over-stretched smaller business resources can be!

  • Protect any device

    • Windows and Mac workstations
    • Windows file servers
    • iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

  • Break free from the onpremise burden

    • Hosted solution
    • Managed from a web browser
    • Always available at cloud. kaspersky.com

  • Upgrade on demand

    • Two pricing tiers to choose from
    • Scale as you grow

  • Enjoy the benefits of the cloud

    • Faster time to protection
    • No capital investment
    • No ’patching Fridays’
    • Redeployed resources
    • Pay as you grow
    • Outsourcing friendly

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud provides a single solution for all your organization’s
IT security needs. Make sure your business is running smoothly while Kaspersky blocks
ransomware, fileless malware, zero-day attacks and other emerging threats.


Compare Kaspersky Cloud and Cloud Plus

KES cloud 1
KES cloud 2

Get Kaspersky Endpoint security protected with now and keep your business running smoothly

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