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Big Data Storage Security and performance are priority

Build your private cloud at home/ office

QNAP NAS is a smart storage device. NAS (Network-attached Storage) is a smart data storage device where you can centrally store, manage and share all your files - including photos, videos, music, and documents. By connecting a NAS to your home/office network, you can build and share a safe storage space with family members/colleagues that can be accessed from PCs or mobile devices. Easy-to-use and with rich features, a NAS is more than just a simple backup solution.

Qnap VM

QNAP Virtualization storage that meets your requirements

With the explosion of virtualized environments within recent years, a growing challenge for administrators has been to accommodate the storage requirements for a sprawling number of virtual machines. As enterprise QNAP NAS are designed for virtualized and clustered environments, they provide cost-effective and high-performance virtualization storage solutions for meeting all your requirements.

RAID configurations for data protection

QNAP NAS supports RAID configurations to provide different data protection levels for your environment to build the best data protection for your virtualization environment

Build a backup plan that best suits your Home / Business.

Let IT experts help!

More business backup solutions

Lifetime license-free applications

Regardless of data type or size – all these backup apps are free.

Backup Application

QNAP One view, all backup jobs

Enough detail, but never complicated. Flexibly manage and automate your backup jobs and quickly review issues as they occur. With QNAP, IT staff enjoy a smoother daily routine, with decreased workloads and worries.

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